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Door-To-Door Collection of MSW in Delhi/NCR: Scrap Care India is one of the leading provider of eco-friendly and dependable Door-to-Door collection services to households all across Delhi/NCR. We believe in reaching out at the grass-root levels to tackle the problems of waste and have developed superior Door-to-Door waste collection services to provide ease and convenience to our customers.We have the expertise to provide municipal bodies as well as the individuals households / societies / townships with much needed waste management services in terms of Door-to-Door collection, transportation and waste treatment. Our friendly waste collectors to whom we proudly refer to as ‘Health Officers’, reach your door step each day without fail to collect your waste and give you a clean experience.It’s not just your daily kitchen waste, but we also help you to get rid of your household, horticultural, construction generated waste in the most eco-friendly manner.

We Buy Your Recyclables! At Scrap Care India we believe in the Three R’s, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.Our firm believe is that in order to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment, we must start with reducing the amount of waste we produce by being more conscious about our buying habits and by limiting the use of paper and plastic products in our daily lives.The Scrap Care India process insures that all recyclables that are collected are first looked at carefully for the purpose of reuse rather than sending them for recycling.There are many items such as used furniture, clothes, cardboard boxes, and plastic that could be reused rather than sent for recycling.
At Scrap Care India we reuse many of these items to make used furniture or sell them to operators of used goods stores. Only those items that are not of use to us are sent to an authorized recycling facility for the purpose of recycling.

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Scrap Care India Traders a leading scrap buyer, purchaser in the city. We are the best because we give best price for your old & waste scrap. We buy or purchase all kind of scrap like : DG Set, Electrical Scrap, Ferrous & Nonferrous Scrap, GI Scrap, Iron Scrap, Iron & Steel Pipes Scrap, Lead Scrap, Motor Parts Scrap, Nickel Scrap, Office Furnitures, Old Air Condition, Old Machinery, Old Vehicles, Plastic Scrap, Solar Scrap, Stainless Steel, Tmt Steel Scrap, Wooden Scrap, Aluminium Scrap, Battery Scrap, Brass Scrap, Computer Scrap Buyer, Copper Scrap, Demolishing Work Scrap Etc.